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Ford GT-40 LeMans Winner

Windshield Tool



blupointscan was approached by The Ford Motor Company through a local vendor to scan the 1967 Le Mans winning Ford GT-40 windshield. The delicate race windshield suffered severe damage during a busy schedule of motorsport shows. The badly cracked windshield was held together with racers tape and needed to be replaced. The car, in its original race trim from 1967, was undergoing minor repairs at the All American Racers facility in Southern California which owned by one of the two Le Mans winning co-drivers, Dan Gurney.


We scanned the windshield as installed in the car, developed a surface deviation map from the scan data to show the deviation of the windshield surface from the cracked side to the non-cracked side so that we could develop an accurate tool to manufacture a replacement windshield that would fit the car.

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