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Recent Projects

At blupointscan we work on a wide variety of projects and all of them have some unique aspect that makes them very interesting. From large to small, here are some details on a few of those projects. 

Speed Bias Bracket


A vintage aircraft restoration company approached us to investigate if we could scan and reverse engineer an obsolete speed bias bracket housing for a propeller servo control motor.


Dallara Indy Car



Spin Imaging, a leading specialty graphics company headquartered in Long Beach, CA approached us to scan a Dallara Indy Car.


Shinkawa Customs



Shinkawa Customs, a local surfboard shaper, approached us to scan a high end custom surfboard.


Shelby Cobra 427


The owner of this rare race car wanted to have a scale replica of the car fabricated. We were approached  to scan the exterior of the car prior to the restoration so that a scale model could be developed in CAD. 


Ferrari Dino Seatbelt



A shattered seat belt cover that is no longer available from Ferrari and a car undergoing a complete restoration brought us an opportunity to build a replacement part.


Ford GT-40 Le Mans Winner



The Ford Motor Company approached us through a local Southern California coach builder to scan the 1967 Le Mans winning Ford GT-40.


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